Sunday, March 06, 2011

Folsom, CA is FABULOUS on a spring day's ride!

A lone kayaker near Folsom's rainbow bridge
Wow, two of my friends and I had a great time recently, pedaling up the American River Parkway's bike trail from Main Street/Orangevale ingress past Folsom's Old Town, past Folsom Prison, and then over a long Folsom Dam overlook road, and up some HILLS.  (Said from a flatlander's perspective, but I'm telling you, we pedaled a lot of upward strokes!)  Weather was gorgeous, spring green was everywhere, river was tranquil and beautiful (always) in its meandering way.

We stopped at Briggs Station shopping center, once past the Dam, and had chinese food at a greasy spoon... then pedaled through some delightful bike paths that wind through Folsom neighborhoods and open spaces with lots of scenics to soothe our souls and delight our eyes.  One of my favorites was a magisterial-looking hawk sitting very close to the trail up on a tree limb's perch, and many views of the American River.  I've attached some photos of our day's delights.

Once we reached Old Town area of Folsom, we had a yummy ice cream cone at Snook's (peppermint, yes!), and then pedaled down the trail and back over to Main Street exit, ending up at my friends' home, a hot shower, pizza (without guilt), salad, and Babette's Feast, a film that endures well through time as a beautiful reflection on the importance of enjoying simple but sumptuous pleasures. A perfect ending to a perfect day!  Doubly so, shared with friends!
Prune, Gwen and I, celebrating a CLIMB towards Beal's Point
A scenic oak tree along Folsom bike paths
A view of the American River from up high

View of American River near Folsom Old Town

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