Monday, June 13, 2011

June "gift" day in Sacramento -- in low 80's and glorious!

 One of my favorite parts of the trails is the section between Northrup and Discovery Park, because of the birds and reflections I see easily along the trail.

This is just lots of leaves and algae, and an oak's reflection, mostly, in the "swampy" section along this part of the trail.

Riding a bicycle under the encircling arms of trees is always a soothing feeling...

You can hear the trains whistle and rumble along the train.  An approaching cyclist alongside it illustrates the simpler and more complex ways of getting around on Planet Earth!

This part of the trail is between Watt and Arden, along the trail, and you can see my bike and panniers throwing a shadow in the foreground.

A heron is just hanging out in the warm June sun, if you look closely!

The light was too contrasty here to do this beautiful bird justice.  A heron is such a beautiful bird!!!

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