Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Monterey Bay Recreation Trail and Santa Cruz Pedal

Had some spectacular weather and went for a cycle along the coastline here and there in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and a bit of Carmel, this past week!  The purple ice plant along the Monterey Bay Recreation Trail was amazingly vivid. The pictures snapped along the way are here:

 The sea lions took over a beach along the drive down to Cambria, so I couldn't resist including a snapshot of them lolling around on the beach.  They just crawl over each other like gigantic slugs, and it is beyond me how they don't crush each other when doing so! 
 Along the Monterey Bay Recreation Trail... a lone sailboat...
 The water was blue, blue, blue and smooth as glass in places...tranquility!
 Along Santa Cruz coastline enroute to Natural Bridges.
Looking my usual geeky bike self -- I dress for comfort and for visibility.  The ice plant was in full bloom, a gorgeous site for a couple miles along Monterey's coastline!

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